Why Switch?

The WinIon sanitary pads are a natural and safe alternative to regular pads. World Health Organisation (WHO) studies show 62% of vaginal problems and issues are caused by unsealed, unsterilised and unsanitary feminine pads. Regular sanitary pads producers use cheap recycled material, such as recycled paper, paper waste material and industrial waste to create low price products. Chemicals, bleach and solvents are often used in the process to clean paper waste and kill the germs and bacteria for sanitation, causing many of these chemicals to be left on the pad when they are packaged and sent to supermarkets.

The WinIon sanitary pads contain natural materials which actively fight bacteria, irritation and odours. The WinIon pads use collagens from plants (a non toxic gel-like material that is found in nature), pure pulp and organic cotton. The WinIon Pads are created without any nasty chemicals. The product is GMO free, Halal certified and biodegradable. 100% Healthy.

WinIon pads are manufactured in a clean and hygienic environment. The production line is stopped every two hours for sanitation and the pads don’t come into contact with a human until they are opened for use. The sanitation process doesn’t use any harsh chemicals, irritants or carcinogenic substances.

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WinIon pads are fantastic. The quality is so much better than the pads you can get at the supermarket – and they’re pretty much the same price! They last so much longer and feel so much better. I have recommended them to all my family…we buy a few boxes every year and share them out.
— Thanks, Laura

The 7 layers of WinIon

Layer 1

Top Sheet: A soft and delicate, quick absorbing lining. Funnel-shaped pores allowing instant infiltration while preventing back flow, effectively reducing allergies.

Layer 2

The far infrared anionic stripe, harmless and safe for sensitive skin, the anion stripe radiate far infrared, stimulates circulation, enhances, metabolism, deodorise and reduces inflammation.

Layers 3 & 5

Two sheets of sterilised dust-free paper are used to sandwich the absorbent agent.

Layer 4

High effective absorbent agents (imported from Japan) quickly congeals the infiltrating liquid to non-swelling jelly, not flowing back even after pressing it prevents from blood soaking.

Layer 6

Back sheet: Breathable membrane which is permeable to air but not water, evacuates moisture effectively, keeping you fresh and dry.

Layer 7

The press-on adhesive stripes employs an ergonomic, intermittent design that breathes well without any irritating residues.